Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teach Your Child What To Do In An Emergency

This is especially for those Mom's who are ill or a Grandparent who may babysit for your child. Help teach your child to dial 9-1-1. After you print the numbers out tape them to the wall as you would see them on your telephone key pad. Telephone Keypad

Now have your child push the buttons saying the number as you push it. Make a beep sound each time she/he pushes one, and say the number. Then after she has pushed 9-1-1, teach your child what to say to the dispatcher.

If you are very ill and unable to talk this practice may save your life. It's never too early to teach your child.

Here are some calls from kids that saved the parents lives.
Savannah, Alex, and 8 yr old

I hope none of you will ever have to use this---God Bless!

Books related to topic:
" I think this is a fantastic book! This board book has a telephone keypad to help your child practice how to dial 911 and what to do. If the number dialed is done so incorrectly it gives you a sound to let you know you dialed it wrong, but when dialed correctly you hear a man's voice say " 911, then a bell, then the sound of a firetruck and then the man again saying good job. This book walks your child through each step making sure the child knows to say their name and home address.

It's done in a simple manner that just gets the point across that if something bad happens and you need help it's called an Emergency, do you know what to do" It goes through each step... 1st try and find and adult, if no one is around find the nearest phone and dial 911. A nice person will answer and will tell you what to do. Then the book gives several situations like a fire, if someone is hurt and even if someone has a gun. The last page says remember 911 isn't for fun! Only call it for an emergency. This is one those books that your glad your child has, but hopes they never have to use this knowledge"  FOR MORE INFORMATION

"Each book in this series combines a Matchbox car (ambulance, etc.) with a short story. It's a great way to share a love of reading and a child's love of Matchbox cars. The story is short and, I think, encourages the child to imagine while they're playing with the vehicle. It also gives the child an experience of what people do for a living - picking up trash, driving an ambulance, etc."

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