Saturday, August 6, 2011

Make Your Own Snow Globe

Do you remember family vacations and stopping at the souvenior shop? My sisters and I always seem to gravitate towards the snow globes. We would shake them trying to find the one with the most snow and the one that was the prettiest. Well, you can now make your own snow globes.

Here is what you will need:
  • Baby food jars (medium or large jars)
  • Florist clay
  • Small figurine
  • White glitter or fake snow (available at stores during the holiday season)
  • Hot glue gun or aquarium sealing glue (hot glue is cheaper)
  • Ribbon, optional
  • Garland plastic greenery
Directions to make SNOW GLOBE

Books related to our topic:

"A world within a snowglobe! Imaginative children will LOVE this book! Great illustrations, a simple but happy story, and a captivating concept will make this book a favorite--at Christmas and always. They'll never look at a snowglobe the same way again! Our four-year-old granddaughter was thrilled by it--and so was her grandmother"

"I think you should read The Ever Breath because it is magical, exciting and sometimes scary at the same time. The two most important characters are a brother and sister who look for their father. The sister is named Camille and the Brother is named Truman. In ways Camille and Truman are a lot different. Truman is allergic to Strawberries, Nuts, Bee stings, Chocolate, and Pollen. In one pocket he carries his inhaler and in the other he carries an EpiPen and on his nose are really thick lense glasses (which he always had to push up). But Camille was a lot different. Before their father disappeared she wore pink "Girl Power!" sweaters, wrote her homework in sparkly gel pens, and dotted her little "I's" with hearts. But now she is different. One day Truman and Camille's mom drives them to their Grandmother Swelda's (I love that name) house to stay there for three weeks. While they are there, they discover a magic world. Inside the magic world there are strange animals that we don't have on this earth (but we do have a mouse in this world). And Truman and Camille find their father and take him home. I read this whole book, cover to cover, while flying to Cabo San Lucas Mexico at Christmas. I live in Utah and I remember just last year my dad took me to Park City and I met the author Julianna Baggott who, like her books, is magical. I hope you read The Ever Breath"

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