Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finger Print Art

This is such an adorable craft. I made this for my little adopted niece. Kids love getting messy so they will surely love this craft but I am not sure you will love me. lol
This is a neat project because you can talk about what a finger print is and why we have them. You can teach the kids about fingerprints without them even realizing it. Sneaky huh?
Materials needed:
Fabric paint 
Onesie,shirt or any piece of clothing
Paint brush
1.  Squirt a small amount of fabric paint on the paper plate.
2.  Slide a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent bleeding through.
3.  Dip fingers into paint and stamp  onto the shirt
4. Use fabric paint to decorate with legs and arms

Some sample finger print ideas--

I also found a really neat blog that deserves some recognition. All of the crafts are done with hands and I think this is really unique.

Books related to our topic--
"I purchased this book for my five year old and I have spent all afternoon creating. I am all thumbs when it comes to art and drawing. I have never been able to reproduce drawings--but now I can. Mine look just like Ed's. WOW! There is no need to purchase ink pads- I just used my son's washable markers and colored my finger with them. What a great book!"~an amazon customer

"This book has been a huge hit with my 5 year old, who was adopted from China. She absolutely loves the idea of fingerprints and how they are a tangible gift from her birth family. They make her unique. The author does such a wonderful job telling the truth about adoption in a sensitive and loving way but without the fantasy of ladybugs and red threads. Forever fingerprints has opened some honest and lovely conversations about adoption. I am amazed at how open and easy my daughter talks about the book and how it relates to her personal story. This book is a must for all families who have been touched by adoption, schools, and libraries as it serves to easily normalize adoption in our lives today"~Perrin Slowey 


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