Monday, July 25, 2011

Butterfly Pillow

My daughter wanted to make something for her grandmom something special for her birthday. We went to the arts and crafts shop and she tried searching for "just the right thing". The right thing turned out to be a latch rug. It was a butterfly latch rug. She decided to make it into a pillow and I thought it was a fun idea for tweens and teens.

**This project does involve purchasing a latch kit and some material.

Materials Needed:

1 Latch Kit (you can purchase at any craft store. We purchased it for less than $10. at AC Moore.)
1/2 yard of any material (I bought cotton fabric @ Joanne Fabric's)
needle and heavy thread
Fiber Fill (Purchase at any craft or sewing shop)

Directions On How To Do Latch

Books related to our project:

"I find Amanda's blog interesting and her second book is full of gorgeous photos of projects I can make! The only disappointment was there is only plain text instructions. No diagrams or drawings or photos. When I buy a craft book I expect better details on how to make an item. As I bought this book as a pre-order I couldn't peruse it prior to buying it. I am not going to go turn on my computer and look something up. Her first book "The Creative Family" had a couple of drawings in it like the one for the felt colored pencil roll and the wool felt block and the bedtime bags for example. I wonder why this book didn't have any? I like Amy Karol's "Bend The Rules Sewing" book better since it is easier to understand." Reviewed By: Home schooling mom of 4 
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And since we are talking about Grandma's here a book about Grandmother's.

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