Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunshine Craft

Here's another cute craft that I found at http://www.amazingmoms.com. Isn't it perfect for summer? You can even staple a plate on the opposite side and add some beans or rice to make a shaker out of it. All kids love noise and it would make a colorful tambourine.


Books related to this topic:
"My daughter read this book for a class report, and we liked the fact that this book coincidentally was written as though it was a child's report about Van Gogh. She was intrigued to find out that Van Gogh sold only one painting in his lifetime, and was not a rich artist. The humor in the writing and illustrations make this book accessible, fun, and informative, and help kids relate the artist's life. The evolution of Van Gogh's painting style beginning with Potato Eaters and the influences on his art are discussed in understandable terms. It was fun to learn that throughout his life, Vincent's best buddy was his brother Theo, even though they fought as siblings often do. The book contains many photos of Van Gogh's actual paintings. Great book. We both recommend it."

"The Sun often visits the Water, who has a very large house. Once, during a visit, the Water asks the Sun why he never visits the Sun at his home. The Sun replies that his home is to small for the Water. The Water asks if the Sun will make his house larger so he and all the water people can visit, so the Sun does. He, along with his wife, the Moon, make his house larger. The Water people do visit one day, and the new,larger house is so crowded that the Sun and the Moon have to go in the sky, where they have stayed since.What I have written in this review may be more than in the whole book. Strange, huh?"

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