Friday, July 1, 2011

Rock Necklaces

Every where we walk we see rocks in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we can go to speciality stores too and see all kinds of rocks from purple quartz to topaz to garnet. Jewlery makers or rock collectors purchase many kinds of unique stones and minerals. 

Rocks are everywhere. They have been on the earth for over four billion years.  The rock you pick up from the ground might have once been part of a mountain or cave. It might have been around even when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Here is a craft for a rock necklace. It looks so pretty and is easy to make.

Books about rocks:

"Its a good book for beginners on this field, you wont find all of the rocks out there, but youll learn quickly about the major differences and characteristics of some rocks... It is very colorful, pictures are awesome, and I liked that the book tells you about rock and mineral uses, as well as in the ancient times as in today. I recommend it as an introductory book on the matter, then you should move to a more detailed book. I gave it 5 stars Considering that it is a pocket book." Reviewed by Jamie            TO PURCHASE

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