Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Personalized Flip-Flops

Materials Needed:
Purchase rubber flip flops
Marabou Fur 
Strong Adhesive (E6000)
Strips of ribbons
Rubber Gloves

We have several different styles available.

MARABOU FUR FLIP FLOP--The first one has marabou fur on it. Take a piece of the marabou fur and lay it where it will go so you can get an idea of how much you will need for your project. Now add the adhesive to the bands of the flip flop and stick the fur on it. You will need to hold it in place for a few minutes.

RIBBON FLIP FLOP--You will need about 5 to 6 yards of ribbon. Cut the ribbon into 4 inch strips and now tie each ribbon onto the band of the flip flop. Make sure you knot each one into place so they don't fall off. Once you get all your ribbons on your project is complete.

Button Flip Flops--Glue buttons or rhinestones on the band with a heavy adhesive such as E6000. Be creative and have fun.

Books about feet--

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"Great book if your toddler has been kicking lately. Teaches good behavior as well as phrases that you can use to stop bad behavior. Highly recommend this book" Reviewed by Beth    TO PURCHASE

"I'm an elementary school counselor and have really enjoyed using this book with students. They love it! It is a great springboard for helping children become more assertive, and to role play and practice the tips and 'the plan' for dealing with others who tease or torment them"Reviewed by DWLaker  TO PURCHASE

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