Monday, July 11, 2011

Personalized Gym Bag

This is a fun craft for Mom to make for their sons and daughters who love sports! Or you can even get the kids involved and help to create a bag that is perfect for them.

Materials needed:
  • 1 yard each of narrow offray coordinating soccer ribbons (or ribbon of your choice)
  • 6" wide solid ribbon
  • Felt numbers and letters
  • 1 Decorative patch
  • Coordinating buttons
  • 1 Gym bag
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  1. Apply the narrow ribbons across the front of the nag and glue into place.
  2. Add patches and player's name and number to personalize the bag.
  3. Add buttons for a finsihing touch.
*You can do the same project for any sport --just purchase related ribbons for that project. (,tennis,golf etc...)
**You can even make it girly bag by making a ballerina bag, tennis bag,acting bag or even an overnight bag---just purchase appropriate ribbons to make it girly. Use your imagination and have fun!

Books related to project:

"My four-year-old son loves all of the Froggy books! And when he signed up to play soccer, we read this book every night for the entire season. He chants "Head it, boot it, knee it, shoot it . . . " before every game or practice. We are now buying a copy for the team to autograph and give to the coach. Every soccer mom should get this book! (As well as the other Froggy books!)" Reviewed by: Anonymous

"Yes, this is a beautiful, moving story of a girl's dream come true. I bought it for my 6 year-old grandaughter who loves her ballet lessons. I hope the book will encourage her to pursue her own dreams, whatever they may be. This is an example of a classic in children's literature. It can be read again and again and has life lessons for the young and the old" Reviewed by: L Stubbs 

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