Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sea Shell Angels

I made these seashell angels years ago when I was looking for a church craft to donate to our local church for their bazaar. These angels are sooo precious and cute. They are inexpensive and make a cute craft to give to anyone.

Materials needed:

All of the materials used can be brought from crafts stores

2 Wooden heart shapes (they come in a bag)
1 Round wooden balls (for the heads)
1 Round white plastic ring
Sea Shell
Glitter Craft Glue
Glue Gun and glue sticks
1 Gold Ring
White paint
Permanent black marker
Clear Nail Polish
Magnet Strips

These are the white plastic rings. They come in different sizes and are under $2.00

Wooden craft balls Under $4.

These come in a pack and sell for under $4.

  1. Spread out some paper towels or you can use a paper plate.
  2. Glue the plastic ring onto the shell.
  3. After it dries hot glue the wooden ball on top of the plastic ring.
  4. Once that dries glue your wooden picks onto the back leaving enough room so you can see "the wings" from the front.
  5. Once it dries,paint the shell and the wings white.
  6. After that dries,draw a face onto the ball. You can put a little clear nail polish over the face to protect it once it dries.
  7. Now smear some glue on the wings and sea shell and then dip into fine white glitter.
  8. Add magnet strip to the back.
This craft will make quite a few. They make great gifts or you can sell them for 1-2. a piece.

Books related to our project:
"This book was very enlightening with lots of information. Went above and beyond the cover description. Highly recommended!"


"In response to the reviewer from Oroville, CA, who gave this book a low rating, I offer this: I think he made the mistake of seeing The Littlest Angel's Heaven as a place where there could never be any fear or suffering. The author allowed this human reality to enter Heaven with The Littlest Angel so that all of the complacent angels (but really all complacent people on earth) could be reminded that the most angelic being is the innocent one who gives what he or she loves to others and not what she or he hopes will impress others. The metaphor is perfect: wouldn't it be just like God to teach us all that those among us who are thought of (and think of themselves) as the lowest in importance and stature are actually in His heart those who are the most pure? And how could that be taught more profoundly than to let everyone see a little child, with all of his or her fears and sorrows, lovingly comforted and lovingly validated by God? In my opinion, "The Littlest Angel" is the most beautiful, meaningful, and touching Christmas story ever written."

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