Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Of My Favorite Craft Sites

There are some really fun craft sites on the internet and I wanted to list some of the ones I go to when I am searching for a particular craft.
They are:


Children Craft books:
"The Really Big Book of Cool Crafts for Kids is a perfect book for many Sunday School craft ideas, especially in how it lets you know what age groups various crafts work best for. This would also be a great book for kids in really any situation and many are educational (like the weather hat and the "world crafts" section). However, some of the crafts require materials that aren't always readily available or found only in craft stores... I usually prefer it if mostly common materials that can be found anywhere, as they are easier to find and usually cheaper... especially when trying to get crafts together for a group of kids. Still, most of the crafts are really good about this. Overall, the book is tons of fun, educational, cost effective and age appropriate."Reviewer:Malinda For More Information

"I am an elementary art teacher and I picked up this book at the library in the hopes to find some good projects for my classes. While the ideas are sound and creative the explanations on how to carry them out are not. The instructions are somewhat vague and the lists of supplies are seriously out of the budget for most classes. What teacher can afford to provide rawhide for 25 students so they can make drums? As for sewing administrator has fits at the very thought of putting needles in the hands of our students. My main problem is with those projects I can find work arounds for supplies but when it comes down to instructions I have found them to be vague and poorly written. There are parts where you read and say but if I do that won't this pouch be sealed up? How am I supposed to open it back up and still maintain the weave? The diagrams are also vague and do not show enough to use them effectively. It's all well and good to say use a whipstitch here but then not to explain a whipstitch in that lesson makes it ineffective. Instead I have to flip back to the glossary four or five times a lesson. This book may be useful for a parent wanting to work with their child but I do not recommend it to teachers."Reviewer-L.Nichols For More Information

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