Sunday, July 3, 2011

Paper Mache' Piggy Bank

Many years ago my Dad,Mom,sisters and I made this really big 6 foot Frosty the snowman out of paper mache'. It was the neatest thing you ever saw. It was a fun family project and we had the best time ever. After it was done drying we helped to paint it and give it character. I wish I had a photo here but all my picture albums are packed up and at my Dad's house.

On a much smaller scale here is a design that my daughter did in art class a few years ago in elementary school. It's a lady dancing.You can use your imagination and make whatever you want.

I also made a tall candle holder out of babyfood jars. The world is your oyster as the old saying goes. If you can imagine it you can most likely make it. Here are the directions for the candle holder.

How to a Paper Mache Piggie Bank

Materials Needed: 
Newspaper Strips,paper mache glue,jars,and large paint brushes,balloons,paint


Books related to pigs--

"I've been reading Sandra Boynton to my son since he was born and we just love her work! This is another in the series of Little Pookie, a great character that helps little guys (or girls) figure out how to express feelings. Sandra Boynton can write for a child while still amusing adults. Get this one for your little Pookie for his/her birthday. You won't regret it." Reviewed by:M Link 

To Purchase

"Brothers Dink and Fergus love going to the beach. Together they collect all sorts of treasures, from seawood, to rocks, to sea shells and they even find a surf board that they name Dave. Not one to venture into the ocean, Fergus is about to over come his fear with the help of surfboard Dave, thanks to his little brother Dink.

Not only is this a fun read, but it's brightly colored illustrations had me wishing I could whisk my kids to the beach for the day to look for treasures. Pig Kahuna is the perfect book to pick up on your way to the pool, the beach, or to enjoy while snuggling up together before nap time. It's a wonderful summer time read!" Reviewed by: Mundie Moms 


Have lots of fun!

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