Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fairy Ideas

Someone was kind enough to contact me in regards to one of my posts. While visiting her blog I came across a post she had done about her daughter and fairies. Her daughter loves fairy gardens. I had never heard of a "fairy garden" (Thanks for enlightening me.) I spent time looking at the photo's thinking how fun it would be to be so tiny for "just one day".

Do you recall years ago when we such movies as: "The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Honey I shrunk The Kids,Disney's Pixie Fairies. They were all about "little people".

A fairy is a mythical creature. The word fairy is derived from Middle English. Folklore also includes goblins and gnomes into this lists. Fairies are generally described as human in appearance and with magical powers.

Here are links to a ton of fairy crafts including my favorite below:
Fairy Flower Friends

More Fairy Ideas:

Each time I try to list books that are related to a project ad this one is no different. Here are some Fairy books:

"The illustrations and story are absolutely captivating and enchant you with the possibilities. Reading as a bedtime book, my five year old daughter was eagerly looking for fairies on her pillows that may be reading along with her! She loves to read this over and over, always finding something in the illustrations or story that she hadn't caught before - almost as if the fairies are re-writing for her delight between each read! A spectacular book that is marvelous for children of all ages." Reviewed by:LJ Demmier 

"this is a very detailed book focusing more on fairy tidbits and special crafts, with a few chapters of a fairy story as well. beautifully illustrated and the crafts are fairly doable. the book inspired my 6 year old to host a summer solstice party for her friends, and the book has given us more than enough ideas! a very pretty, readable and re-readable book." Reviewed by: KDD

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  1. Thank you for linking to my blog and for sharing your cool shell crafts. We are working on a fairy beach. I want to shrink myself and live there!