Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Personalized Journal

Journals can be used for many things. You can use it for its intended purpose-a journal or you can keep drawings in it,telephones numbers, write a book, or keep it for writing poetry, you can give it for a gift or use it for "just because."

Materials needed:
Copybook or a journal from the dollar store
Craft glue
1/2 yard of material (I perferr something more heavier like denim)
buy some glittery letters
Artificial flowers or (whatever you would like to stick on it) 

Cut the fabric to fit the size of your book.
Put craft glue on eeach side of your book and glue fabric to it. 
Once fabric is in place then personaliaze it---glue flowers or whatever on your book to make it "yours".

Books fro kids:

"This is a wonderful journaling tool for children and families alike. As a homeschooler of an 10 year-old, I found this an excellent adjunct for field trips. There are over 40 activities that will have you exploring the woods, the meadows, wetlands, and things that go (?) in the night! The drawings are delightful! Rediscover the beauty of nature in a fun and informative format. From field notes to leaf rubbings, your budding naturalists will be eager to try the simple yet educational exercises. Mine did...and so did I!" Reviewed by Eldonna  For More Info

Most famous diary of all Anne Frank. For More Info

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