Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

This is a very easy and fun project that requires some paterental supervision if you have young children. What's great about it is you get to eat what you have made or you can make it for a gift. My daughter likes to make them every now and then. We had gone to Joanne's to get some fabric and they have a huge cake decorating section. When my daughter saw the chocolate's she asked if we could make some.

 Materials needed:
1 box of Pretzel Rods
1 bag of chocolates (any color)
a bowl
a plate or tray to sit the pretzels on
a microwave or stove

Put 1/4 of the bag of chocolates in a microwave safe bowl and melt slowly 30 seconds at a time so chocolate doesn't burn. Stir chocolate. Once the chocolate is heated throroughly then you can begin dipping. My daughter uses a spoon and gently coveres each rod in chocolate. There is no right or wrong way as long as you get chocolate on the pretzel and not in your mouth. : )

Once you have the chocolate on your pretzel rod than lay on wax paper on a plate so that it can harden. (It works without the wax paper too---we didn't have anymore.)

As you can see my daughter used her favorite pink chocolate. Any color will work.

Or you can be silly like my daughter and try to balance it on your nose. Anything for a picture!

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