Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tissue Paper Art

Yesterday I was rumaging through my art cabinet and found some canvas boards and some tissue paper. I wondered what I could make with the tissue and began playing around with it. My daughter wanted to play too (hers is parrot and mine is a fish.)

It's fun to just draw and do whatever comes to mind. We had so much fun doing this project. I plan to use mine for a gift.'s what you will need:

Materials needed:
  • Canvas Board
  • Tissue Paper
  • Paints and colored pencils
  • Modpage Glue
  1. Figure out what your design will be. I chose something simple like a fish.
  2. Draw it lightly onto the board.
  3. Now begin tearing off little pieces of colored tissue paper and apply it with some modpodge glue. (I will give the recipe for homemade modpodge later in this post).
  4. Give it 1-2 days for it to dry completely
  5. Now apply your details and color.

This is my finished art work--The photo didn't turn out great but in person its very colorful and pretty.

Books related to post:

"Beside instructions and illustrations on how to do a collage, the book also contains 72 printed tissue papers to make finished pictures that look enough like Eric Carle's work to please any child. My five year old was delighted with her projects."

"ISBN 1558580093 - It's a rare thing that I read a childrens' book knowing full well that there is an actual critical debate going on about it, but The Rainbow Fish is one of those. With that in mind, I'll begin with those parents. The message any child gets from a book that is read to them is more dependent upon you than the contents of the book. If you're going to be all freaked out by some wacky idea that this book teaches socialism, you're going to convey that to your child and you will do more harm than the book, all by itself, ever could - in that case, just pass up this book. No harm done to anyone. While I think you're crazy, I think you have the right to make that choice. If, on the other hand, you can manage two things: to actually read the book and get the message (which isn't socialism/fascism/communism and isn't really sharing, either) and to understand that you are not 4 years old and your 4 year old doesn't think the way you do, then this book is worth picking up."

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